EXPEDITION - 2010 & 2011

Following its arrival in Jimani, the team was quickly incorporated into resources of a large makeshift field hospital organized for earthquake victims. The hospital was a combination of international, including teams from U.S, Canada, Spain and France. In addition to our general surgery team, the hospital included plastic and orthopedic surgical teams as well. The spirit of teamwork and camaraderie was amazing as teams worked twelve hours or more daily to get the necessary procedures done. Equipment and supplies were pooled to make ends meet and stretch resources to the maximum. Conditions were deplorable by U.S. standards, but the best care possible was provided. Postoperative care was challenging since many of the patients refused to sleep indoors due to fears of quake aftershocks. As a result a sea of humanity was stretched across the football field-size parcel of land covered with hospital beds and stretchers. The majority of operations were amputations, skin rafts, repair of broken bones, and various of emergency operations. The Yakima team alone performed over sixty surgeries in its ten days on duty. The most critical patients were transported to the USS Comfort, a naval hospital ship, by Sea Stallion helicopter. The combined efforts of all the medical teams in Jimani was nothing short of amazing and an inspiring experience for all team members.


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