The world well remembers January 12 , 2010 when the Haiti people were savaged by a devastating earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale, one of the strongest ever recorded in that country. The poorly constructed architecture common throughout the capital of Port au Prince and in other cities resulted in catastrophic damage to the infrastructure of the city and Haitian population with thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands seriously injured. As the scope of devastation become apparent governments and NGO's across the globe raced into action to provide medical assistance and support.


In Yakima Washington, the annual January dental mission to the Dominic Republic organized by Dr. Steve Brazeau and staffed by members of the Gleed Bible Church was hastily transformed within forty-eight hours into surgical relief mission to help those injured in the quake. Additional members added to the original team were surgeon Dr. Jason Cundiff, local volunteer nurses: Lillian Ahrendt and Linda Damascus, and several nurse anesthetists from Memphis, TN. Miraculously the team as able to coordinate staffing, medical supplies and financing within three days and travel by plain to the initial staging point of Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic. From there the team journeyed overland to the Haitian - Dominican Republic boarder town of Jimani.